New Inventory 6/16/20

Product availability is very low right now. This is a brief list of new inventory received the last few days. By no means a complete list, but something. We will try to keep updating the list as we can.

  • Ammo: Cases of m855 5.56 ammo
  • Ammo: 12 GA buckshot
  • Pistol: CMMG 5.7 Banshee
  • Pistol: Glock 43x 9mm x6
  • Pistol: Ruger EC9 9mm x10
  • Pistol: Taurus G2c 9mm x12
  • Pistol: Taurus G3 9mm x6
  • Pistol: Springfield Hellcat 9mm x6
  • Pistol: Springfield XD mod2 9mm
  • Pistol: Canik TP9SF x2
  • Rifle: Ruger Precision 6.5Creed x2
  • AR-15: Smith & Wesson M&P-15 with Optic in 5.56 x10
  • AR-15: Stag ORC in 5.56 x6
  • AR-15: Radical RF-15 in 5.56 x4
  • AR-15: Springfield Saint 5.56
  • AR-15: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 in .22LR x6
  • Other: Mossberg Shockwave

by alan