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Revolver versus Pistol.

Do you know if you want a revolver or pistol? We are going to cover the simple pros and cons.

First of all, do you know the different between a pistol and a revolver. Both are types of handguns. A revolver has a cylinder that the cartridges are loaded into, and the cylinder revolves as you shoot the firearm. A pistol has a slide on top that travels back and forth each time you fire a round.

Which is better? Well, that depends really. A revolver is simple to use and easy to maintain, but a pistol holds way more rounds and reloads easier.

New Website

We have partially launched our new website, All of the time, people ask us, can we get this rifle, or that pistol or that holster. Most of the time, the answer is yes, and then of course, the next question is what is the price. Well now you can see everything that we can get and at what price.  We have lots of time and money cultivating relationships with wholesales, manufacturers, and freight companies.  You can take advantage of all of our hard work now and directly order firearms for in-store pickup.

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Sneak Peak

Just a little glimpse of how our store is coming, less than two weeks away now