New firearm status

Here is a quick list of the new firearms and where we stand

Glock 44: several in stock

Ruger LCP-22: several in stock

Sig 210 Carry: low stock, but here

Hellcat: We have a list

Hellcat OSP: We have a list.S

ig P320 RXP: low stock

Python: We have a list.

Shield EZ in 9: have plenty

H&K Sp5: we have a list

Sig M18: in stock

Sig MPX copperhead: in stock

Sig Cross: not out until summer

Marlin X: mixed availability by caliber

Henry X: mixed availability by caliber

*list means we are getting them but more people want them then we are getting. So if you want them, get on the list and we will call you when we have one and you are next on the list.

by alan